I am an illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. My works are drawn from a fascination with popular movie, gaming and graphic novel culture.

I work messily in all my mediums, from ink and brush, pencil and digital tablet, jamming ideas and committing to paper scenes of imagined, existing or abstract characters and likenesses of friends, pop culture characters and places from my physical and imagined worlds.

I'm working on two graphic novel projects, The Dead City Lullabies and Red Earth, which is where a lot of the images in these galleries come from. Red Earth is a much larger project which will comprise a theatrical multimedia and live music experience, with a music score by myself and Daniel Holdsworth. 

As a musician, I've played in many bands, written songs for my friends, toured Australia, Europe, UK and America and made several solo records and composed scores for various theatrical productions. My art is an extension of the worlds I try to create through sound.

I love travelling and breathing in cold, pure air. I also love people, dogs, swimming, and science fiction.

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