Blade Runner 2049: Talenthouse Entry

Last month I created this piece for a great art competition, a creative invite from Talenthouse where artists were invited to create art inspired by Blade Runner 2049, before the film’s release on 6 October 2017. The competition was judged by Ridley Scott and five lucky (read: talented) artists were selected for the most outstanding pieces. 

I didn’t make the top 5 - there were many many incredible artworks and you can check hem out here:

I really enjoyed this very challenging opportunity and I’m proud of my final piece, which you can see here.  

I made pencil drawings of various characters and environments from the film as well as scanned watercolour textures and photoshop painting for the final rendering of the colour and details. You can also see a few of my work-in-progress sketches below.

Thanks to Talenthouse, Warner Bros and Ridley Scott for this exciting challenge. Can’t wait to see the film tonight! 

x AR


“Cinerama 2049” 

“Cinerama 2049” 

The finished piece. 


Niander Wallace sketch


Officer K sketch


Deckard sketch


LUV sketch


Assemblage of watercolour scraps


One of the mini digital paintings for the vignettes